ALTER Technology - Member of TUV NORD

Tests and certifications

Experts in quality, conformity assesment, testing, certification, and high reliability components.


Formerly NXP
LDMOS transistors and GaN devices up to 4Ghz and 1400watts

Applications for Aerospace/Defense, Mobile Broadband, Broadcast, RF Energy/Lighting, ISM markets.

ATM - Advanced Technical Materials

Coaxial Components - Waveguide RF Components - Microwave Components and Subsystems - Commercial Standards or FULL Military Specifications

ATM Inc. headquartered in Patchogue, NY designs, manufactures, supplies, and stocks: Coaxial, Waveguide RF, Microwave Components and Subsystems to Commercial Standards or to FULL Military Specifications. Their in house design, manufacturing, inspection and quality control capabilities allow fast response to our customer requirements. ATM??s Microwave measurement capability up to 50GHz makes them the best choice for the design and manufacturing of your components.

DLI - Dielectric Laboratories Inc.

Single and MultiLayer Ceramic Capacitors - Ressonators - Ceramic Filters - Broadband Blocks

DLI is a global supplier of microwave and millimeter-wave ceramic components for optical and wireless communications, military, medical, semiconductor, aerospace and transportation markets.

Dow Key Microwave

Signal Processing Components - Systems - Subsystems - Switches - Test and Manufacturing Equipment - Waveguide - Waveguide Components - Solid State Matrix - Coaxial SwitchesWaveguide Switches - Coaxial Switches - T-switches - Switching Systems - Integrated PXI Modules - RF Matrices -

Dow-Key Microwave Corporation, the world s largest manufacturer of electro-mechanical RF Switches, is part of the Microwave Products Group and Dover Electronics, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation.

JFW Industries Inc.

Attenuators - Power Dividers - Switches - Terminations - Test and Manufacturing Equipment

JFW Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative RF solutions that include attenuattors, terminations, switches, power dividers, matrix switches and specialized test systems.

K&L Microwave Inc.

Filters - Systems - Subsystems - Switches - Waveguide - Waveguide Components - Lumped, Ceramic, Cavity and Waveguide Filters - Multifunction Assemblies

K&L offers a full line of RF and microwave filters, duplexers and subassemblies for military and commercial applications, including ceramic, lumped element, cavity, waveguide and tunable filters, as well as switched filter banks, high performance receive and transmit filters, delay line filters, combiners, receive multi couplers and base statio wireless system assemblies.

Maury Microwave Corp.

Connectors - Cable - Adapters - Milimeter Wave Components - Services - Test and Manufacturing Equipment - Waveguide - Waveguide Components - Calibration Kits

Maury Microwave Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision microwave instruments and components for the RF and Microwave Test and Measurement industry, with a special emphasis on automated tuning systems.

Merrimac - Crane Industries Inc.

Couplers - Filters - Hybrids - Power Dividers - Mixers - Modulators - Detectors - MMICs - Phase Shifters - Milimeter Wave Components - Power Dividers - Frequency Doublers - Delay Lines - Demodulators - Combiners - Attenuators

Merrimac Crane Industries, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of RF Microwave signal processing components, subsystem assemblies, and Multi-Mix micro-multifunction modules (MMFM), for the worldwide Defense, Satellite Communications (Satcom), Commercial Wireless and Homeland Security market segments. Merrimac is focused on providing Total Integrated Packaging Solutions with Multi-Mix Microtechnology, a leading edge competency providing value to their customers through miniaturization and integration.

Spectratime - iPrecision Timing Solutions

Power Management - Protection - Advanced Communications - Power Discretes - Video Solutions Wireless Connectivity Solutions - Crystal - Rubidium - Maser - Integrated GPS

Spectratime's capabilities include the following fields of expertise: High-performance clocksCommercial and rugged military rubidium sourcesSpace crystal, rubidum and maser sourcesGPS or GNSS synchronized crystal and rubidium clocksIntegrated GPS or GNSS and rubidium reference systemsHigh-resolution clock testing systemsTime and frequency clock experts.

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division

PTFE / Woven Glass Laminates for Microwave, RF and High Speed DigitalApplications

Manufactures PTFE/woven glass base materials for microwave, RF and high speed digital applications. Applications include LNAs, LNBs, PCS/PCN antennas, GSM and UMTS antennas, power amplifiers, filters, passive components, automotive cruise control, aerospace guidance telemetry, phase array radar, etc.

Vectron International

Filters - Oscillators - SAW Devices - VCXO's - OCXO's - VCSO's - TCXO's - XTAL's - Timing Modules - XTAL Filters - Saw Filters - Stratum 3/3e - MEMS Oscilattors

Frequency translation VCSO, VCXO, OCXO, EMXO, TCXO, clock and data recovery, SAW filters, crystal filters, XO, timing module, precision quartz crystal, sensors, hybrid package products, QPL clocks, QPL crystals.

Voltronics Corp.

Multi Turn Trimmers Capacitors - Half Turn Thru Hole Capacitors - Ceramic Chip Trimmers - Non Magnetic Coils

Multi-turn Trimmers Microwave Tuners, Ceramic Chip Trimmer Capacitors, Half Turn Thru Hole Capacitors, Non-Magnetic Trimmer Capacitors, Non Magnetic Chip Capacitors, and Non Magnetic Screws.



DC / DC Converters - AC / DC Power Supplies - Signal Conditioning

Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. is a privately held company with corporate headquarters located in Concord California, 25 miles east of San Francisco. Founded in 1962 with the mission of developing instrumentation and power conversion products and providing world class service and quality. Calex manufactures roughly 40,000 products each month consuming approximately 1,000,000 components. Calex has over 1000 different standard and custom catalog products.


Micro D - Nano D - Micro Circular - Micro Strip - Nano Strip

Positronic Industries

Power Connectors - Cable Assemblies - D Subminiature Connectors - Circular Connectors - Rectangular Connectors - Hermetic Connectors - Thermocouple Contacts

Positronics offers a wide variety of power, D-subminiature, circular and rectangular connector products and accessories. Value added services are also available.Positronics connectors features precision machined contacts, and can be provided to industrial or military performance levels, they are used in all areas of electronic industry, including telecommucations, computers, avionics, aerospace, test/measurement intrumentation, process control and medical applications.

Semtech Corporation

Circuit Protection (TVS) - Power Management - Solutions for Wireless Communication - Advanced Communications - Power Discretes - Video Solutions - LoRa (Long Range) Wireless Solutions

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. The company is dedicated to providing customers with proprietary solutions and breakthrough technology in power management, protection, advanced communications, human interface, test & measurement, as well as wireless and sensing products. The Company`s integrated circuits (ICs) are employed in communications, computer and computer-peripheral, automated test equipment, industrial and other commercial applications.


High Quality PCBs from 2 to 50 layers, HDI, Heavy Copper, Rigid-Flex, and Embedded Capacitance

With a facility area of more than 90,000 square meters, sales revenue of Suntak in 2011 reached 180 million USD. Suntak is able to produce 100,000 square meters per month and more than 10,000 items per month, whose PCB products contain 2 to 50 layers, HDI, Heavy Copper, Rigid-Flex, and Embedded Capacitance, and provides "PCB One-stop Shop" service to meet customers diverse demands.

VPT Inc.

DC/DC Converters - EMI Filters

VPT, Inc. is a global leader in providing power conversion solutions for use in avionics, military, and space applications.VPT offers high reliability DC-DC converters, EMI filters, accessory power products, and custom engineering services for the rapid development of critical power systems.