18/ago/2017 - Vectron

Smallest Hi-Rel Clock on the Market Now Available with Leads

Since 2000, our OS-68338 standard specification for High Reliability, Radiation Tolerant Space Clocks has been used in place of customer generated SCD s. It has quickly become the industry standard for many of today s leading satellite OEM s. We are pleased to announce the addition of the 1167, 1177 and 1187 family of leaded 5x7mm clocks to our extensive space portfolio providing end customers with both improved performance and mechanical reliability. CTE mismatch with an LCC enclosure have been eliminated!

Key Elements and Advantages:
- Smallest Hi-Rel Clock Family now has three new 5x7mm leaded platforms:
​- Model 1167: Straight Leads
- Model 1177: Gull-Wing Leads In
- Model 1187: Gull-Wing Leads Out

- Eliminates any CTE mismatch concerns for LCC devices
- Improves ability to inspect solder joints
- Recommended Pad layouts provided
- Utilizes 3-point crystal mount IAW Aerospace and NASA directives
- Nominal frequencies up to 100 MHz
- Radiation tolerant to 100krads (Si) TID

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