25/out/2017 - Vectron

Low Jitter Clocks for Data Centers and Optical Networks

Vectron´s VC-711 Crystal Oscillator is an ultra low jitter differential output clock, operating at 2.5 or 3.3 volts in an industry standard hermetically sealed 7x5 ceramic package. The combination of ultra low phase jitter and operation up to 105°C makes the VC-711 a cost effective solution for data center and optical networking applications.


• Extended Temp Range of -40 to 105°C
• Frequency Range 10MHz to 170MHz
• Ultra Low Jitter
    • 75fs Phase Jitter: 12kHz-20MHz @ 156.25MHz
• Differential LVDS or LVPECL Output
• Supply Voltages @ 3.3V or 2.5V
• Excellent Power Supply Rejection Ratio


• Data Center
• Ethernet, GbE, SynchE
• Enterprise Servers
• Fiber Channel
• Clock Source for ADC´s, DAC´s
• Test and Measurement

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