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IQ Mixers New from Pasternack

Pasternack now offers seven new I/Q Mixer models boasting high levels of image rejection and sideband suppression. These new mixers operate with RF and LO frequency bands ranging from 4 GHz to 38 GHz with In-Phase and Quadrature IF bandwidths that range from DC to 4.5 GHz.

A key benefit of these IQ mixers is that the high levels of image rejection and sideband suppression can reduce overall system cost and complexity by removing the need for pre-selection filtering. Typical applications include point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio, VSAT, military radar, electronic warfare, satellite communications, test equipment, and sensors.

IQ Mixer Features Include:
• RF/LO Broadband Frequency Coverage from 4 GHz to 38 GHz
• GaAs MESFET MMIC Technology
• IRM Down-converter or Single Sideband Up-converter Capability
• High Image Rejection ranges from 15 to 35 dB
• LO to RF Isolation up to 45 dB typical
• Input IP3 Linearity as high as 35 dBm
• Hermetically Sealed Drop-In Packages Support Field Replaceable Connectors
• Designs are Mil-Spec Compliant

The new IQ mixers are in-stock and available to ship today. For additional product details, please contact Vermont Rep.