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New Relay Controlled Programmable Attenuators from Stock

All in stock and ready for same-day shipping!

For communications and test applications, relay controlled programmable attenuators must exhibit accurate and stable performance with very low harmonic distortion (IMD) for optimal system performance.

Pasternack has just released a series of relay controlled programmable attenuators that are designed to address signal conditioning and level control, matching impedances of sources and loads, and measuring the gain or loss of two-port devices.

Features Include:
– Broad RF Frequency Coverage from DC to 2000 MHz
– Attenuation Ranges from 0 to 127 dB
– Precise Attenuation Steps ranging from 0.25 dB to 64 dB
– Low Insertion Loss ranges from 0.8 dB to 3.5 dB
– 50 and 75 ohm designs
– Operational Temperature range -20°C to +85°C
– Rugged Coaxial Packages with RoHS Compliant Assemblies

These new relay controlled programmable attenuators are in stock and available for same day shipping.