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RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Amplifier Accessories

Heat sinks and power/control cables are critical components when deploying RF and microwave power amplifiers. A functioning power amplifier will generate elevated levels of heat which requires proper dissipation via a heat sink to ensure the internal circuit assembly does not become damaged from extreme high temperature exposure. Additionally, high quality power and control cables are essential to the optimal operation of RF power amplifiers.

To help address these amplifier requirements, we have just released a series of heat sinks and power/control cables to address your RF power amplifier deployments.

Features include:
Heat Sinks With and Without Cooling Fans
Model-Specific and General Configurations
AC and DC Power Supply Options and Control Cable Interfaces
Amplifier Mating Control Connector Interfaces
Thermal Gaskets Included

Our new RF power amplifier accessories are in-stock and available to ship immediately. For additional information and specifications, please contact Vermont Rep.