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Specifying Blind Mate Connectors

A blind mate connector is used when access to the connection point is not possible, typically caused by physical space constraints. A common application for blind mate connectors is when two circuit boards need to be mated. In RF and microwave applications, blind mate connections can become very challenging and require specially designed blind mate connectors to ensure a constant and uniform signal between circuit boards or modules.

Due to their small-footprint design and ease of connection, blind mate connectors are often used in military applications where electronic hardware has to fit into tight spaces with limited access. These connectors can also withstand harsh vibration and temperature extremes making them ideal for rugged field applications. Similar requirements are also making blind mate connectors a popular choice in the consumer electronics market due to the growing complexity and density of board designs.

There are many types of blind mate connector styles available on the market today. The most common RF/microwave blind mate connectors include BMA, SMP and Mini-SMP series connectors, all stocked by Pasternack.

More information on how to specify blind-mate connectors can be found on the link below.