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UHF power LDMOS transistor

BLF898(S) is a new 50 Volt LDMOS power transistor for use in UHF (Digital) Television Broadcasting and CW /pulsed CW Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) applications.

With its 180W Watt average DVB-T power capability in class-AB the BLF898(S) offers the highest power available in a single transistor for the UHF Broadcast market.

This power capability it is extremely well suited for the new ATSC3.0 broadcast standard which requires a higher peak-to-average power capability than the previous ATSC standards.

Its excellent ruggedness performance makes the BLF898(S) ideal for both digital and analog transmitter applications.

BLF898(S) is designed for use in a-symmetrical classical Doherty configuration in combination with one of the leading products in this market BLF888B, as well as for use in a-symmetrical Odd-Mode Doherty applications.

A classical Doherty reference design is currently in development and will become available end of 2017. Expected power capability of the Doherty amplifier is 300Wavg with a minimum efficiency of 45%.

For CW /pulsed CW ISM applications, BLF898(S) offers 900 W power capability in the UHF frequency band.