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Waveguide Cross Guide Couplers

All in stock and ready for same-day shipping!

When working with waveguide cross guide couplers, it is often necessary to use different port configurations to build systems used in instrumentation, test benches, product development and characterization applications.

To address this requirement for cross guide flexibility in both port count and connector type, Pasternack has introduced a new series of 4 port, 3 port, and 2 port with coax interface waveguide cross couplers.

• Each cross guide coupler is available in one of three configurations:
– cross guide coupler (4 waveguide ports)
– cross guide coupler with termination (3 waveguide ports)
– cross guide coupler with termination and waveguide to coax adapter (2 waveguide ports with either an SMA, type N or 2.92 mm coaxial connection)
• Frequency range of 5.85 GHz to 33 GHz in eight waveguide bands
• Available with EIA (CPR) style flanges as well as UG flange style per military standard
• Available with coupling factors from 20 to 50 dB

The new waveguide cross guide couplers are in stock and available for immediate shipment.