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Differences Between Limiting Amplifiers & Other RF Amplifiers

Limiting amplifiers are different than other amplifiers due to their ability to maintain a constant output as they are driven into saturation/compression.

For example, the PE15A6008 amplifier specifications indicate a +/-1dB flatness at Psat (saturation).

The most important performance requirement of a limiting amplifier is to minimize output power variations as well as provide a constant output over a wide input dynamic range. This benefits in protecting subsequent components from input overdrive.

Limiting amplifiers are great for maintaining constant envelopes, but will not provide a linear output. Because the output of limiting amplifiers will be into saturation/compression, some distortion will occur.

Broadband, dynamic range limiting amplifiers are critical components in oscillator driver networks and in electronic warfare (EW) systems where stable compressed output power is required over a wide input power range.

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