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About us

Vermont is a Rep Company focused in
leading edge technology manufacturers

We are located in São Paulo, covering Brazil
and also other countries in South America


Semiconductors, Technical Sales, Demand Creation

Vermont Rep was established in 1986 by Mr. Antonio Carlos Trevizan to represent high technology companies focused in the telecom and aerospace markets in brazilian territory.

What started as a company specializing in RF and Microwave solutions was slowly migrating to other segments. Today we have a portfolio of suppliers that offer communication, IoT, power and lighting solutions for all our customers in South America.

At Vermont, we look forward to the quality of service and commitment to our customers. This is made through solid knowledge of import routines, logistics and technical support.


Connecting the industry:
Customers, Distributors and Principals

Market Approach:


– Over 30 years on the market: Solid Reputation

– Do it better combining Performance & Solution Sale

– Do it at lower solution cost

– Local technical support

– Lab for product debugging and antenna matches

– Synergistic Linecard

– One stop shop for IoT: LoRa, Z-Wave, Wi-fi,
   Proprietary, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Thread

Our Extras:


– Experienced FAEs, technical sales and inside sales team

– Local management of all quotes, orders (direct or
   via distributor), samples, expedites, registrations, etc

– Familiar with ModelN, Salesforce and Haven

– Good relationship with distributors assures smooth

– Deep knowledge of logistical and legislation
   procedures for brazilian customs regarding samples
   and materials

– Broad experience with presentations and seminars