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Omnetics Ruggedized Nano Strip Connectors

Nano Strip connectors at .025� pitch with high-reliability pin and socket systems offer proven reliability in extreme environments and provide fast and firm mating for high density circuits in miniature and portable electronics.

Applications using micro strip connectors have expanded greatly as circuits have gotten smaller and more portable. Ruggedness has become critical in many of the new uses for portable electronics. Unmanned aerial vehicles require low weight and small size but also demand rugged performance, especially during landing. Land based robotic circuits have high shock and continuous vibration requirements and contain field replaceable modules that need to be switched quickly. Missile systems use strip connectors that can handle the 1 amp of current in a small and low profile module during high speed vibration. Both single row and dual row Nano strip connectors can be used for high speed digital signals for data rates up to 5 Gbits per second.

High performance circuits remain in demand but are getting smaller and traveling constantly. Omnetics’ Nano strip connectors help reduce size and weight while remaining very rugged and offering high performance. High reliability strip connectors using ruggedized insulators and military quality Flex Pin® technology are focused on providing the best and strongest strip-style interconnections in the world. These units have proven both signal integrity and reliability in many of the most demanding instruments, including portable electronics for armed forces’ systems.

Connectors are designed and manufactured in the United States with performance and ease of use as the main feature. The ultra-low profile and rugged format makes it a perfect fit for inside-the-box applications and high-reliability board to board solutions. The key elements, pins and sockets, have passed QPL standard tests in complimentary designs by using a beryllium-copper spring metal-pin for mating and employ nickel and gold plating. The insulator body of high-strength polyphenylene sulfide provides excellent dielectric qualities to help manage signal quality and ruggedness to offer very low-profile interconnects for higher density stacked modules. Up to 30 gauge Teflon® insulated stranded wires are used to provide up to 1 Amp of current when needed. Wires are crimped to the contacts and sealed with an epoxy back-potting system that ensures wire retention and strain relief. Connector formats are available for board surface mount, through-hole, and cable to cable connections. Pin counts range from 2 to 60 positions in single row format and up to 48 positions in dual row format.

Omnetics strip connectors are well-established products in our COTs and Standards family, and design options, sizes, and shapes are available and can be discussed. Omnetics is staffed with experienced engineers to work directly with the designer. Attention to detail early in the custom design stage helps save you time and money, while achieving the highest signal integrity and performance needed.

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