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Simplicity Studio Software

Simplicity Studio 5 platform from Silicon Labs

Simplicity Studio is the core development environment designed to support the Silicon Labs IoT portfolio of SoCs and modules. It provides access to target device-specific web and SDK resources in the Launcher; software and hardware configuration tools; an integrated development environment (IDE) featuring industry-standard code editors, compilers and debuggers; and advanced, value-add tools for network analysis and code-correlated energy profiling.

Simplicity Studio is designed to simplify developer workflow as it intelligently recognizes all evaluation and development kits released by Silicon Labs and then makes appropriate SDKs and development resources readily available to the user.  While Simplicity Studio also provides a feature-rich Eclipse and GNU toolchain-based IDE, developers may also use the other features of Simplicity Studio in conjunction with their own development environments.

Simplicity Studio is an industry-leading suite of tools offered cost-free to developers building products with the Silicon Labs portfolio of EFM8, EFM32, EFR32, EM35x, and EFP. Simplicity Studio supports customers looking to develop both simple projects through to complex, power-optimized applications and robust mesh networks.

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